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How to change the password on a Linksys Wireless-N router

One of the first security measures you should take when setting up a new router is to change the default password. For many routers, the default password is "admin" -- and if someone doesn't know that, they can easily look it up online. Changing your router's password will prevent hackers from... More

How to show the IP address on an HP LaserJet P4015 printer

Any printer connected to a TCP/IP network has an IP address. It can be useful to know this IP address for a variety of reasons. Rather than having to search through the printer's menu or look through possibly outdated paperwork, you can set your printer up to display its IP address right on the... More

How to print a configuration page on a Xerox Workcentre 4118

Many copiers, printers, and fax machines give users the option of printing out a configuration page. This configuration page typically gives a brief overview of the machine's settings. You can print a configuration page from a Workcentre 4118 (called a system data list) by following the steps... More

How to print a configuration page for an HP LaserJet P2015

Unlike many HP printers, the LaserJet P2015 does not have a built-in menu or a display screen. You can't scroll through the menu options to find different settings or see how much toner is left in the cartridge. The only way to view information at the printer is to print out a configuration... More

How to fix the DHCP connection error on a Ricoh copier

Each year, more and more office copiers are being connected to local networks and used as MFPs (multifunction printers) rather than stand-alone copiers. However, if your copier is not connected to a network, it may flash this DHCP error in the lower left corner of the screen: Cannot connect... More

How to find the IP address of any device connected to your Verizon DSL router

Many networks use TCP/IP to communicate and exchange data over the network. On TCP/IP networks, each connected device is given an IP address. This IP address can be useful to know, and if you have a Verizon DSL router managing your network, you can use that router to find out the IP address of... More

How to run a self diagnostic test on an Okifax 5300

A nice feature of Okidata's Okifax 5300 fax machine is the ability to run its own self-diagnostic procedure. This self test will check the system's RAM, ROM, and various other components to make sure everything is running well. Once the self test has completed, a self diagnosis page will be... More

How to find the MAC address of any device connected to your Verizon DSL router

Ethernet devices (computers, smart phones, routers, and even some TVs or video game systems) all use a hardware address, called a MAC address, to identify themselves to other devices. This MAC address is unique to each device, and it can be used to build a MAC address filtering list to increase... More

How to print a configuration page from an HP Color LaserJet 4700

The configuration page displays various information about the printer and its settings. If you need to get a page count, printing out a configuration page is the only way to do it from the printer's operation panel. Every manufacturer has a different procedure for obtaining a configuration page... More

How to install memory in a Gateway MX6445 laptop computer

The Gateway MX6445 laptop comes level-1 with 1024 MB of RAM installed. For some users, this may be enough, but other users might want to add more memory to increase the computer's speed and performance. With the laptop's 32-bit CPU, you can expand the usable memory up to 3 GB or possibly 3.5 GB.... More