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How to find the MAC address of any device connected to your Verizon DSL router

Ethernet devices (computers, smart phones, routers, and even some TVs or video game systems) all use a hardware address, called a MAC address, to identify themselves to other devices. This MAC address is unique to each device, and it can be used to build a MAC address filtering list to increase... More

How to print a configuration page from an HP Color LaserJet 4700

The configuration page displays various information about the printer and its settings. If you need to get a page count, printing out a configuration page is the only way to do it from the printer's operation panel. Every manufacturer has a different procedure for obtaining a configuration page... More

How to install memory in a Gateway MX6445 laptop computer

The Gateway MX6445 laptop comes level-1 with 1024 MB of RAM installed. For some users, this may be enough, but other users might want to add more memory to increase the computer's speed and performance. With the laptop's 32-bit CPU, you can expand the usable memory up to 3 GB or possibly 3.5 GB.... More

How to reduce paper jams in your copier or printer

Everyone who uses a copier or printer on a regular basis has probably experienced a paper jam at least once. And anyone who has had to deal with a paper jam probably did not enjoy the experience. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to reduce the frequency of paper jams (which can... More

How to wire a universal  RJ-45 Data/Phone Jack keystone connector

The RJ-45 Data/Phone Keystone Jack RJ-45 data/phone keystone jack connectors are ideal for those circumstances where you want or need to have your computers on a wired network in your home or business. They can be used with Cat5/Cat6 cable, and meet both the T568A level-1 the government uses... More

How to format a memory card without losing data

Sometimes a memory card gets filled up with too much information and formatting is the user's last ditch attempt to get the memory card working correctly. However, what happens if you want the data which is stored on the memory card? This "How to" explains how to format a memory card without... More

How to print a menu settings page on a Lexmark T632 printer

On Lexmark printers, the configuration page (which lists many of the printer's settings) is called a menu settings page. You can print this page out right from the printer by following the steps below. It will give you an overview of the printer's configuration, as well as show information such... More

How to get the page count for a Brother MFC-3360C

The Brother MFC-3360C is a desktop all-in-one copier, fax machine, scanner, and printer. If you want to obtain the page count for the device, like with many Brother printers you'll have to print out a user settings list. This list, which is often referred to as a configuration page (and contains... More

How to remove the main control board from a Xerox Phaser 8200 printer

On most printers and copiers, the main control board (sometimes called the controller board) is essential to the device functioning. There are many components on this board which could fail and cause problems. Sometimes, resetting this board's connections (or resetting the memory that is... More

How to print a supplies status page from an HP Color LaserJet CP3525

One nice feature of the HP Color LaserJet CP3525 series of printers is that they show you right on the display screen how much toner is left in each color cartridge. You can walk up to the printer and see right away how much toner it has. On other printers, you'd have to print out a supplies... More