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How to change the toner density on an HP LaserJet P4015 printer

  Depending on what you are printing, you may want to darken up the text or images, or make them lighter. On an HP LaserJet P4015 series printer, you can do this either from your computer, if the application that you're printing from allows it, or from the printer itself by... More

How to get the page count for a Xerox Workcentre 4118 fax machine

If you want to view the page count of your Xerox Workcentre 4118, you can do it by printing out a counters list. This counters list displays the page count (called "total impressions") as well as the toner and drum counters, and you can also see how many pages have been scanned through the... More

How to choose an all-in-one printer for a home office

Choosing the right printer amid the confusion. Gone are the days when choosing a printer is easy. There are so many options offered on the market that the consumer is in a constant state of confusion. From laser to ink jet, scanner to photographic printer, the complexity increases meaning that... More

How to print a configuration page from an HP LaserJet 8000

Printing a configuration page is fairly similar for most Hewlett Packard printers. The only major difference is which buttons you have to press, because different models have different buttons. (The LaserJet 8000, for example, has an Item button that won't be found on many other HP printers.) To... More

How to print a configuration page from an HP LaserJet P4015n

A printer's configuration page has a lot of information on it, and can be very useful. It lists information about the printer, such as model, serial number, and total page count (sometimes called engine cycles). It may also list installed options or accessories, network configuration settings,... More

How to use a memory stick

Convenient and so much more Memory sticks, like all such gadgets, have come a long way in recent years. This compact, useful, portable and easy to use drive is also now available in many designs, sizes and price ranges. A basic memory stick can cost as little as $10, but could prove invaluable.... More

How to print a configuration page on a Ricoh Aficio SP C231SF

Any Ricoh multifunction copier or Ricoh printer has the capability to print out a configuration page. This configuration page will display many (if not all) of the machine's current network settings. It makes a good reference to keep a copy of in case something goes wrong. The configuration page... More

How to print a configuration page from an HP Color LaserJet 2600

The HP Color LaserJet 2600 series of printers can print out a self-test/configuration page that displays many of the printer's current settings. On the configuration page you can see information about the printer (such as serial number, firmware version, and available memory), network settings... More

How to configure a Linksys router to connect to ATT DSL

Linksys model # BEFSR41 Connecting a single computer to an AT&T DSL connection is normally an easy task to accomplish. Under normal circumstances it's a simple matter of running a CD to install the modem drivers, and following a series of instructions that walk you through the rest of the... More

How to check the toner level on an HP LaserJet P4015 printer

On an HP LaserJet P4015 printer, you can view the approximate amount of toner remaining in the cartridge by printing out a supplies status page. (This status page is different from the configuration page.) The supplies status page shows about how much toner is left, expressed as a percentage as... More