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How to print a configuration page from an HP LaserJet 6P

The HP LaserJet 6P is an older laser printer that doesn't feature the display screen and array of buttons that the newer printers have. Therefore, you can't do as much from the printer itself as you can on a newer LaserJet, but one thing you still can do is print out a configuration... More

How to install a DSL filter on a phone

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a data transport technology that allows you to access the Internet on your computer using a regular phone line, without interrupting normal phone service. DSL's popularity has been largely eclipsed by cable and fiber optic connections, but many users still have a... More

How to find out your IP address when using windows XP

Finding your IP address, when using Windows XP, is as easy as 1, 2, 3. When you are using computers at work you may find that your IP address will be displayed on the desktop. If your work PC is used by many of your colleagues this IP address could be unique to you. If each of you log onto the... More

How to find the MAC address of a Ricoh Image Scanner IS200e

On copiers and printers, you can often print out a configuration page which will give you network information about the machine, including IP address, effective protocols, MAC address, and other data. But on an IS200e scanner, you'll have to navigate the menus and view this information on the... More

How to print a configuration report on a Xerox Workcentre 255

Like just about any network-connected copier, the Xerox Workcentre 255 has the capability to print out a configuration page. This configuration page displays many of the copier's network-related settings, such as IP address, MAC address, domain name, and Ethernet speed setting. The Workcentre... More

How to print a supplies status page on an HP Color LaserJet CM1312 MFP

Unlike the configuration page, which displays setup information and current settings, the supplies status page from a Color LaserJet Cm1312 MFP displays how much toner is left in each of the color cartridges. You can see the amount of toner remaining as a bar, as a percent, and also as an... More

How to get the page count on a Sharp MX-B401 copier

Copiers and printers gauge their usage by keeping a running page count (sometimes called a meter). The page count is useful because it can help to determine how long a toner cartridge might last, or when a maintenance kit will need to be replaced. To find the page count of a Sharp MX-B401 copier,... More

How to print a configuration page on a Ricoh MP series copier

All Ricoh Aficio MP series copiers that are network-capable have the option to print out a configuration page. In addition to providing the copier's current page count, this configuration page displays many key network settings, such as IP address, gateway, and enabled protocols. It's a good... More

How to choose a backup storage device

How to choose an external hard drive Computers are filled with important work files and priceless photographs taken on vacations or important occasions. Long before we envisioned hard drives with more than 5 GB of space, computer owners were diligently backing up their prized documents on floppy... More

How to replace the battery in a Dell Latitude D610 laptop

It's not uncommon to have to replace a laptop battery. Over time, the original battery can become degraded and fail to hold a charge. Or, you may simply want to replace it with an extended-life battery that will allow your laptop to run longer without needing to be charged. Either way, replacing... More