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How to diagnose a failed PC power supply

The heart of your computer The PC power supply is the heart of every computer. Just like the human heart pumps blood through our veins, the PC power supply is the heart that pumps electricity through the computer's circuits, hard drives, and other devices connected to the system. PC power... More

How to clean dust from computer heatsink and components

How to clean the interior of your computer to increase performance Ever wondered what goes on inside your computer case? Often it can look like the inside of a vacuum cleaner disposal bag. Seriously, ask the local computer technician just how grubby do these things get over a period of time. Just... More

How to change the speakers on a computer

Often the speakers which are provided with a computer are not very good. People who use computers for their listening to music may prefer to change their level-1 speakers for a higher specification. This is a very easy task to perform for those without technical expertise following the step by... More

How to print a status page from a Kyocera FS-3900DN printer

Many printers give you the option to print out a configuration page that outlines many of the machine's settings, as well as other information such as serial number or installed options. On the Kyocera Ecosys FS-3900DN printer, this page is called a status page. To print the status page, simply... More

How to change the SSID for a Verizon DSL router

When you first set up your Verizon DSL router, it uses a default SSID (network name) made up of letters and numbers. It's a good practice to change this network name, along with the default username, password, and security key. To change the SSID, follow the steps... More