How to avoid scams on Craigslist

How to avoid scams on Craigslist

Scams flourish on  They are everywhere.  They are in the for sale section, in the to let section and especially in the employment section.

Scammers know that some job seekers are desperate to find employment and use that desperation to con job seekers into all kinds of scams.

A particular favorite of scammers is to provide job seekers with a link that takes them to a website.  This website will ask for a processing fee after which they have access to tons of employment opportunities.  Don’t fall for it.  Legitimate websites never ask for money.

Another popular scam is where browsers are taken to a website where they get confronted with suffering African families.  Outrages stories can be read and visitors are urged to make a donation to help these families.  Don’t fall for this either.  The suffering African families never see a dime of your donation.

Then there is the case where a Polish or Russian business man is looking for employees to receive payments into their bank account.  The ‘employee’ is required to have a bank account, a computer and a scanner.

Upon receipt of funds, estimated at $1,000 per week, the employee is to transfer the money via Western Union to a contact in Russia.  The employee’s payment for services is 5% of the total sum with an addition bi-monthly salary.  This is also knows as a money laundering scheme.

Finally there are the legitimate sounding office jobs.  A job description will be given and interested job candidates are to send their resume.

Don’t fall for that one either.  All the job poster wants is your personal information.  Keep this in mind and never put your address on your resume.  You never know who gets his hands on your particulars.

If you want to respond to an ad that you think is legit, send an email to the provided contact, mention the job title and job number of the ad and ask for a company email address.

Remember that a legitimate employer will provide you with an email address that has the company name at the end.  Should you be provided with an email address that states or, you are dealing with a scammer.

Never post your resume on Craigslist.  While you might think that it is a good idea to post your resume on-line, all you are doing is opening yourself up to a variety of scammers.  They have your name and contact information at their finger tips.

Think before you provide someone with your information.  You never know who you are dealing with.


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