How to get followers on Twitter

How to get followers on Twitter

Followers matter

If you are using Twitter to increase your Helium earnings or to gain traffic to a blog or a website, you will need to have followers.

Followers are an integral part to successful networking on Twitter and other social networking sites. There are some simple things you can do to get followers on Twitter, it does take some time, patience and dedication.

If at all possible, avoid «automatic» following. Using automatic following software (which is availale) can result in your having followers you may prefer not to have!

You may find that some of your followers do not follow you back. You can track these users by utilizing some of the tools that are available for purging followers who do not follow back. Remember, not everyone will follow you and you do not always want to follow someone just because they follow you.


Step 1

Targeted interests

Search for users who have similar interests to your own. For example, if you write mainly health articles, use #health in the Twitter search field to find users who tweet about health topics. Do not overlook keywords for health which can also be used. For example #naturalhealth, #healthy, #weightloss, etc.

Step 2

Follow user

When you use the search feature you will be presented with a list of people who are tweeting about the same topic. The search will return a list that looks like this:

How to follow:

To follow any one of these users and not lose your list, simply right click on their username and allow it to open in a new tab. When it opens you will see this screen:

Review the time line for the following:

  • Inappropriate content (adult or other)
  • Activity level (not active in last 10 — 15 days? Don’t follow!)
  • Off Topic tweets (make sure most of the tweets relate to the topic)

Once you have decided that this user is safe to follow, simply click on «Follow» to follow the user.

Things Needed
• Twitter account
• Time to search
• Complete profile
• Profile photo (optional)
• «Purging» program (optional)

Tips & Warnings
• Just because someone follows you does not mean you need to follow them
• Review time-lines for inappropriate content before following back
• Search for Helium writers by using #Helium in search
• Find other Helium writers by using a known users «Helium writers list»


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