How to keep yourself and your computer safe while browsing the Internet

How to keep yourself and your computer safe while browsing the Internet

The Internet can be used for many great things, but at the same time there are many dangers and bad things out there that you must be careful to avoid. Here is how to keep yourself and your computer safe while browsing the Internet:

>>> Keep Your Computer Protected <<<

If you don’t have a way to protect your computer, for example, if you are not using a virus/spyware protection program, then you are going to find yourself in trouble when surfing the Internet. There are many, many risks on the Internet and by not protecting your computer against them you are basically putting your computer out in the open with no defense. It is very important that you have a good protection system on your computer so that it can stay safe. Also, don’t click on or download anything that looks suspicious while you are browsing the Internet. Doing this could expose your computer to all kinds of risks.

>>> Protect Your Information <<<

The Internet is full of scams that are just waiting to steal your information and then use it against you. It is important that you can recognize scams so that you can avoid them. Only give your personal information (such as your credit card info) to those businesses you can trust. Don’t just get on the Internet and give your personal information to everybody that wants it, that would be a disaster!

>>> Be Careful About What You Post <<<

On social websites and forums, be careful about what you post. If you have information about yourself available, such as your house address or telephone number, then somebody could easily start tracking you. Also, never post on your Facebook, Twitter, etc., that you are going to be going out of town. This will alert people that your house will be vacant during that time and that they could go there without you knowing. People who may have added you as a “friend” (and you’ve never even met them or know them) could see this as an opportunity to go to your house and break in and steal. Don’t take this risk and completely avoid it by being careful about what you post.

>>> Be Smart And Use Common Sense <<<

Most of all, when using the internet, use common sense. Don’t do anything online that you wouldn’t do in person! Keep in mind that anything that you put on the Internet will not necessarily go away, even if you delete it off the internet. Be smart and make good choices and you can hopefully have a pleasant browsing experience.

Keeping yourself and your computer while browsing the Internet is very important. Protect your computer, use common sense, think smart, and you can stay safe and secure while on the Internet.


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