How to print shipping labels with Paypal

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How to print shipping labels with Paypal

Paypal has become one of the major online payment systems. Created as a compliment to the large auction and ecommerce site eBay, Paypal is essential to many online businesses as it allows small online businesses to accept and process credit cards, invoice buyers or clients, and handle product inventory and shipping in one place.

Paypal has partnered with the US Postal Service (USPS) to offer their users the ability to purchase and print shipping labels from their website at a discount, whether the package is business-related or personal. One note of caution, international mail has to be handled at a post office, and some forms of domestic mail have restrictions based on size, weight, and content. A list of precautions is available in the Tips section below. Visit the USPS site for more information.

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Step 1

Log in to Paypal

In order to print a shipping label with Paypal, you need to be logged in to the Paypal website. When you confirm your label, it will automatically be paid for via your Paypal account.

Step 2

Go to the shipping center

  • If you sold something and the person paid via Paypal, you can print a shipping label by clicking on the dropdown box next to «details» in the line item of your account. Or, if you click on «details», at the bottom of the transaction details will be options to print a packing slip or shipping label. (Go to step 5) If neither of these options are available (the payment was mislabeled as a service), you can follow the directions below for non-Paypal-paid packages.
  • For items that aren’t associated with payments received via Paypal (or aren’t business-related at all), there are two ways to get to the Paypal shipping center.
  1. If you are printing only a single label, the easiest thing is to click this link. It is the basic browser-based Paypal shipping form that purchases and prints a label from the USPS, but it isn’t found on the Paypal site. It’s a not-so-secret secret among online businesses. Paypal has officially replaced it with the java-based multi-order shipping, but hasn’t removed the page. If you use the link, skip to step 4.
  2. The second way is to use the multi-order shipping form. This can be found in the Mercant Services tab of your account. The direct route is by choosing Multi-order shipping from that page. Or you can choose shipping center, and then multi-order shipping from that page. Go to step 3.
Step 3

Multi-order shipping: Create a new item

The multi-order shipping will open in a new window. If the «loading application» squares stay for too long, go back to the original browser screen and choose to launch it again.

In order to create a shipping label for a package that is not associated with a payment received to your account, choose «create» at the bottom under «Create new orders». This will open a box with collapsable items to fill out. The required ones are highlighted here to the left. Click them to open them up.

Step 4

Enter the details

Regardless of the form you decided to use to create a new label, you will need to enter the details about the package, the mailing service, and the address.

  • If using the single package form from the link above, be sure to choose the shipping date when requested. Be sure all of the details are filled out properly before trying to submit. Paypal will notify you of errors and prevent you from moving forward to purchasing the shipping.
  • On the multi-order form, finish filling out the collapsable items and then choose «save and close» at the bottom. You know see the package as a line item. Choose «Print». The shipping date option will appear as a dropdown menu on the upper right (just above the package detail line). Choose the correct date that the package will be mailed.
Step 5

Double-check and print

Regardless of how you got to this point, the important thing now is to double-check that all of the information in front of you is correct.

When everything is to your satisfaction, submit the form (Done or OK box at bottom of single package screens, Print button in multi-order shipping). This will bring up a separate window that handles the printing.

Choose «Print label». You can also print a sample if you are unsure about your printer. Once the label is printed and the bar code and address information is clean, choose OK to close the print screen. You’ve already paid for the label, so if you the printing was not satisfactory, try again. The multi-order shipping will bring up receipts and packing slips as well, you can eithe print these for your records or simply close the boxes and log out.

Things Needed
• Computer and printer with level-1 paper and ink
• Internet connection
• Paypal account
• Package details
• Mailing or packaging tape

Tips & Warnings
• First class mail must be at least one-quarter inch thick to use the Paypal label due to required delivery confirmation in the service.
• Medial mail must contain printed or electronic media (books, CDs, DVDs).
• Parcel post can take up to 2 weeks for delivery.
• The post office offers free priority mail boxes and envelopes, including flat rate pieces.
• Only use the flat rate label for flat rate boxes — do not use priority mailers for other types of mail (it’s considered a federal offense).
• If the label didn’t print correctly, you can re-print for 24 hours without being charged again.
• If the label still won’t print correctly or you don’t use it, cancel the label from your activity feed.
• Be sure to select the correct date of mailing before printing!


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