How to put AdSense ads on your WordPress blog

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How to put AdSense ads on your WordPress blog

Google AdSense has become one of the most popular tools for monetizing blogs. Blogger (which is owned by Google) integrates AdSense advertising automatically from a users dashboard. This means that a blogger really has very little need to learn any complicated programming or use any additional plugins to harness the power of AdSense. However, those who use WordPress blogs will have to take some additional steps to launch a Google AdSense program on their blog.

While the process of implementing Google AdSense is not complicated, it can seem foreign for those unfamiliar with the terms that are used. One of the easiest ways to include Google AdSense ads on your WordPress blog is by using the Advertising Manager plugin on your blog. Remember, free WordPress blogs do not allow users to include advertising so you will need a self-hosted blog.


Step 1

Confirm Advertising Manager Plugin

Log into your WordPress blog and check your plugins. Make sure you have the Advertising Manager plugin. If not, simply click on «install new» and search for this plugin. Once it has been installed, activate it so you will be able to insert your advertising.

Step 2

Create advertisements

Log into your AdSense account. From the dashboard, Click on the tab that says «AdSense Setup» and follow the instructions to set up your advertisement. You can select line ads or you may select visual ads. Make sure that you pay attention to the color selector as well.

Step 3

Import ads to blog

Copy the ad code from Google AdSense to your Advertising manager in WordPress. Once these ads are placed into this manager they will be available for ongoing use. If you closed out of AdSense to open your blog, simply go back to the AdSense dashboard to retrieve the code. Make sure that you confirm that your publisher number is accurate when you import your ads.

Step 4

Decide on advertisement placement

Google allows bloggers to place up to three advertising modules per page. You may place ads in your individual blog posts by using the HTML tab on the «write a post» option. Ads may be placed before the post, part way through the post or at the end of the post if you prefer.

Those who wish to include advertisements on their blogs sidebar may select the «advertising manager» widget from their widget menu. Advertising manager will show you a drop down menu of all of your ads and allow you to select the one that you wish to have in your sidebar.

Things Needed
• Word Press Blog — privately hosted
• AdSense account
• Advertising Manager Plugin for WordPress

Tips & Warnings
• Free WordPress blogs do not support ads
• AdSense requires that users include a TOS and Privacy Policy
• Colors should be similar to blog colors so they blend in
• AdSense allows only three (3) advertisements per page


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