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How to create a reservoir queue on SocialOomph

One way to define a reservoir according to is "a place where anything is collected or accumulated in great amount". In the case of SocialOomph, this is exactly what a reservoir is. It is an area in a SocialOomph account where a user can create a location to store links to be sent... More

How to improve your network security

Network security generally covers a wide rang of security issues on your computer and your internet connection itself. It does not necessarily have to cover the idea of a wireless or Wi-Fi internet connection, but it can also cover a regular wired internet service, as well as a public internet... More

How to play games on Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is the convenient way to have fun with friends. Easy to use, the Messenger offers the challenge of instant competition. All that is needed is a Yahoo account and a download of Yahoo Messenger. Similar in nature to other messengers such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo offers the facility... More

How to turn off pesky Facebook notifications

Facebook need not fill up your inbox! Facebook is great way to stay in touch with friends and family around the world. Plus it's a great entertainment medium with loads of games and applications. However many people avoid making the most of Facebook, because they can't cope with all the email... More

How to send a text message to a cell phone using your computer

Send text messages online Texting can rapidly send your cell phone bill through the roof, particularly if you don't have a texting plan. Fortunately, most mobile phone service providers allow their users to receive text messages sent from an email address, which means you can save on your cell... More

How to get started using Twitter

Social networking phenomenon Social networking was originally thought of as a place to keep up with friends, family and co-workers. Today however, social networking is becoming a marketing phenomenon for business owners, website owners and article writers. Proper use of social networking sites... More

How to add photos to your MySpace account

Personalising your MySpace profile So you have joined MySpace and are thinking what next. Well apart from the MySpace on-line community, blogging, promoting your work and more most members enjoy making their profile truly individual. This can be achieved by adding general information music,... More

How to compose an email using Yahoo! Mail Classic

Composing an email is a task that many people take for granted. However, each email client is different, and if you've never used Yahoo! Mail before (or haven't used it in a while) it can take a little while to find all of the buttons and options that you'll need. This guide will walk you through... More

How to change back to Yahoo! Mail Classic

Yahoo! has recently made over its email client, Yahoo! Mail. The old level-1 Yahoo! Mail Classic look has been replaced with New Yahoo! Mail, which offers most of the same features but looks different and is organized differently. Yahoo! Mail users who don't like New Yahoo! Mail, or who simply... More

How to use Gmail for data storage

Gmail: Use it to store data? Gmail has many uses other than sending and recieving email. There is a chat program, the new Buzz social application, and over 7 GB of data storage. Why not use the data storage to store files? It is a secure way to access the data anywhere. Using only a browser you... More