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How to use SocialOomph queue reservoirs effectively with less articles

SocialOomph Additional Options For those who have already learned how to use SocialOomph for Twitter, there are other features that you may find interesting. One of these features is queue reservoirs which were introduced in May of 2010. Use of the reservoir feature is optional, however it can... More

How to read internet acronyms

LOL, LMAO, ROFL, OMG ?? If you are older than a young adult, you may not know what those initials means. Many learned the meaning of "LOL" from a TV episode of Monk when he found that it meant "Laugh out loud". Given that now LOL is no longer a mystery, how do you go about keeping up with new... More

How to use a webcam with Yahoo! Messenger

Webcam capabilities are becoming an important feature for instant messaging. Yahoo! Messenger allows users to see their own web cameras as well as other users' webcams but only with permission from that particular user. The application will send a request to a YM user through their... More

Firewalls and how to use them to protect your online activity

What are firewalls and what can they do for youOriginally the word firewall was used to mean a physical wall that was made of fireproof material that in an emergency would stop the spread of a fire, containing it and limiting the damage it causes. This usage is still in effect today, but computer... More

How to teleconference using TeamSpeak

Teleconferencing the TeamSpeak way TeamSpeak is a program normally used by online gamers, but it's an ideal teleconferencing tool too! It works with Windows, Linux and Mac. It's easy to use, it's easy to see who's online, and it's easy to see who is talking. Not only does the blue dot next to the... More

How to switch to the new Yahoo! Mail from Yahoo! Mail Classic

Yahoo! has recently upgraded its free email service, Yahoo! Mail. Soon all Yahoo! Mail accounts will automatically be upgraded to the new Yahoo! Mail, but if you want to switch before then, you can do so at any time by following the steps below. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Go to the... More

Computer security: How to protect your system from hackers

Good security policies are vital to the safety of your home computer, as well as to the safety of all of the personal data that you store on it.  Hackers spend their free time hunting for unprotected networks, and if you don't lock down your system at home, someone will find it and gain... More

How to get rid of spyware for free

Spyware. The very word brings thoughts of doom and gloom to mind, especially when you think about the very thing being on your own computer! But there's no need to panic, there are a variety of ways that you can get rid of spyware for free. The first way that you can get rid of spyware without... More

How to have several Internet browser pages available simultaneously

Ever wondered how you can have all your web browsers on the same page? Do you get lost when you have more than one page open at a time? With the innovative program of Opera, users are now able to see all pages which are open on one neat screen. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Open your Opera... More

How to schedule updates in bulk with HootSuite Pro

If you want to maintain a constant presence on Twitter, Facebook or other social networks, the best way to do so is arguably to schedule your updates in advance. Many online marketers have a set communication plan that involves multiple updates over a period of time. Rather than scheduling these... More