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How to change your Yahoo! Mail background color

Yahoo! recently updated the look and interface for Yahoo! Mail, making everyone's background a weird purple color by default. Some people may like this color, but if you don't, you can easily change it to another solid color or even a pattern. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Log in to your... More

What to do when you find undesirable information about you on the Internet

When you find information about you on the internet whether it be an embarrassing party photo or outright slander about you, there are ways to take action and get the information removed or lessen the blow to your reputation.If it is a video or photo:Whether it was from a wild party last weekend... More

How to get a free Yahoo email address

Yahoo! Mail is a free email service that just about anyone can sign up for. Each email account has unlimited storage, and you can check your email from anywhere as long as you have Internet access. Most of the email addresses that come from Yahoo! are a username which you select, which precedes... More

How to clean up your computer temp files for free

How to clean up your computer temp files in Windows XP for free. This is a how-to guide to show how you can clean up your PC temp files for free. It may be necessary to clean up your temporary files on your PC to benefit your computer performance. It is also a good exercise in PC housekeeping to... More

How to switch to the new Blogger interface

Google's Blogger website has used the same interface for a while now, and someone must have decided it was time for a change. Blogger has developed a new interface which has the same features but looks significantly different. When you log in to your Blogger account, you can choose to try out the... More

How to Set Up a Personal PayPal Account

Take a look at Paypal's Homepage Check out Paypal's Homepage. Here you will see a brief overview of Paypal and the option to sign up for a Paypal account. Here are some of the benefits of using Paypal:- • Send money and buy online Check out more quickly when you shop online. Send or... More

How to make your Photobucket account private

When uploading photographs to the Internet, often users do not realize that others can view them. They may be storing them online for convenience, though how convenient is it that anyone can view them? This "How to" explains how users can set their account to private status, thus enabling only... More

How to Make Real Money With Paid Survey Sites

Basics Of How To Make Sure That You Are Not Ripped Off This may sound harsh but imagine that you sign up to a survey site, in good faith, only to discover that they never had any intention of paying you a bean. This could be achieved in many ways. For example, most survey sites require you to... More

How to Set Up a Facebook Account

Since its official release in 2005, Facebook has evolved into a mania for many taking down almost any other social networking site. Open to every user above the age of thirteen, anyone can create a Facebook account in just a few steps and stay in touch with friends, family, colleagues or even... More

How to add the copyright symbol with your signature, to digital photographs

When viewing digital images on the internet, you'll sometimes note a copyright with name or initials added. For those who maybe sell their own "photo-cards", having this detail embedded, not only completes the picture, giving it a personal touch, but also professionally, claiming it as your very... More