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How to set up an automated vacation responder in Gmail

Even with the widespread prevalence of Wi-Fi hotspots, smart phones, and tablet computers, you may not be able to check your email everywhere you go (or you may not want to). By setting up an automatic vacation responder, you can let people who might email you while you're away from the home or... More

How to download music from

Getting your music when you want it. Ever wished you could just buy the tracks you wanted, rather than having to buy a whole album? Often this is the problem faced by people wanting to buy music. The disappointment of finding an album just doesn't contain enough music of interest makes it hard to... More

How to use the «Undo Send» feature in Gmail

A second chance Ever had the "Oh NO!" moment immediately after sending an email? All of us, at one point or another, have hit the "Send" button a moment too soon or regretted sending that nasty email when drunk. Recognizing the gap, a team of Google engineers, headed by Yuzo Fujishima, has come... More

How to Install Yahoo! Messenger?

Yahoo Messenger is the ideal way to keep in touch with friends. Similar in nature to MSN, AIM and other popular Messengers, Yahoo is easy to install and to set up, although there are a few tricks to be aware of when setting up a Messenger for the first time. Free for users, the software is simple... More

How to identify spammers on Twitter

Twitter spam: How to identify Twitter spammers Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks on the Internet today. Its success has attracted millions of tweeters, tweet followers, and API developers. With all this success, however, Twitter has also attracted marketers and ordinary... More

How to get your new technology blog noticed

How technology blogs become popular It is easy to see why there are so many blogs on technology, and why a lot of people choose to blog on tech topics. Internet users often search for tech advice, and many want to keep up with new developments or follow recent trends in technology.... More

How to delete or block contacts in Yahoo messenger

Messengers can be a valuable way to contact friends, though what do you do when people pester you, and you need to switch them off. Although in the real world, you cannot do this, in the Yahoo Messenger world, you can. This "How to" explains the procedure so that you, as a user, can continue your... More

How to create a writing portfolio using Blogger

Freelance writers often write to numerous sites. For many, having their work in one easy to navigate location can be critical. Having a freelance writing portfolio on one site can help a freelance writer when they need to apply for new writing assignments for clients or for review when they apply... More

How to automate Twitter without violating their Terms of Service

Twitter rules are changing As of September of 2010, Twitter automation rules are somewhat flexible. There are certain things that simply are not allowed when you automate your Twitter accounts, but mostly they are fairly liberal in what is and is not allowed. There are some very specific things... More

How to add the Home button to the toolbar in Chrome

Google's Chrome browser is known for its speed and simplicity. By default, it lacks many of the features and buttons that other browsers have, but it can be customized for convenience and familiarity. One button that doesn't appear on the Chrome toolbar that Internet Explorer and Firefox users... More