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How to add photos on Facebook

How to share your photos with your Facebook friends Facebook is perhaps the most popular social media on the Internet. It is a way of keeping in touch with friends and family near and far. Sharing photos on this site is an excellent way of keeping in touch and letting others know what you are... More

How to Stop Unwanted Email

OVERVIEW As the Internet seemingly takes over many asects of our life it is so easy to forget that all may not be as it seems. That person you enjoy chatting to online may be masquerading under a totally false identity. That great offer to buy clothes may not be... More

How to remove a friend on Facebook

Admit it; since the moment you created your Facebook profile, you log into your account almost on a daily basis to check your messages, friend requests, to upload photos and videos, to post on your friends' wall and set your personal status. And here you are, one year later measuring more than... More

How to switch back to the old Gmail interface

Google has recently updated its Gmail interface to a new look. The first time you log into Gmail since the new interface was launched, you'll be asked to switch to the new interface. However, this switch is not permanent (yet). If you don't like the new look and feel, you can switch back to the... More

How to chat up girls online

Chatting up girls online It may seem a fun thing to get to know women online, but chatting actually serves as more than just fun. At the end of the line, there may be someone who can make you feel good about yourself, or someone you can make feel special. It's easy and it's fun, and as long as... More

How to type an upside down question mark

Spanish keyboard not necessary The upside down or inverted question mark is unique to the languages of Spain and is used at the beginning of a sentence to signify a question or exclamation. Since there are many more letters and symbols than can comfortably fit onto a level-1 keyboard, less... More

How to create friend lists on Facebook

Friend lists are Facebook's latest edition to help you categorize your friends into groups and enhance your social networking experience. If you are annoyed of having to browse among your 350 contacts to find the seven specific users you wish to inform of your upcoming project or party, or if you... More

How to block a website in Internet Explorer

There are many different ways that you can block access to a specific website. You can use software programs such as Net Nanny or CYBERsitter, hardware devices like a router or a firewall, or even do it through your web browser. To block a site using Internet Explorer, follow the steps below.... More

How to file a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) violation with Google

Protecting your digital copyright The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) which was passed in 1998, provides measures to prevent the unauthorized duplication and distribution of various copyrighted materials that are posted throughout the Internet, and it also defines the penalties that will... More