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How to create friend lists on Facebook

Friend lists are Facebook's latest edition to help you categorize your friends into groups and enhance your social networking experience. If you are annoyed of having to browse among your 350 contacts to find the seven specific users you wish to inform of your upcoming project or party, or if you... More

How to print a status page from a Kyocera FS-3900DN printer

Many printers give you the option to print out a configuration page that outlines many of the machine's settings, as well as other information such as serial number or installed options. On the Kyocera Ecosys FS-3900DN printer, this page is called a status page. To print the status page, simply... More

How to block a website in Internet Explorer

There are many different ways that you can block access to a specific website. You can use software programs such as Net Nanny or CYBERsitter, hardware devices like a router or a firewall, or even do it through your web browser. To block a site using Internet Explorer, follow the steps below.... More

How to wipe your hard drive’s free space using CCleaner

CCleaner is a versatile free program that anyone can download from (For easy installation instructions, see How to install CCleaner.) It can be used to clean your registry, uninstall programs, delete temporary files, and even wipe your hard drive's free... More

How to burn your own play list using iTunes

Use iTunes for Windows or Mac as an “all in one place” method to import, catalog, and copy your favorite music to CDs and play your favorites in your car or CD player away from your computer. If you have a large collection of music, either stored on your computer or on "store-bought"... More

How to export and save your bookmarks from Firefox

Quickly and easily export your bookmarks for use in other browers Exporting bookmarks from Firefox is often necessary when a computer user has more than one computer, buys a new computer, or uses more than the Firefox internet browser. Exporting and saving bookmarks from Firefox for use in... More

How to change the SSID for a Verizon DSL router

When you first set up your Verizon DSL router, it uses a default SSID (network name) made up of letters and numbers. It's a good practice to change this network name, along with the default username, password, and security key. To change the SSID, follow the steps... More

How to change the the appearance of Microsoft Windows XP desktop

Changing the appearance of your Windows desktop. Not every computer user has the same style. Often individuals want their computer to reflect their personality, and with a Windows Desktop, this is extremely easy to do. Windows provides many themes and colors which can be used to make your... More

How to file a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) violation with Google

Protecting your digital copyright The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) which was passed in 1998, provides measures to prevent the unauthorized duplication and distribution of various copyrighted materials that are posted throughout the Internet, and it also defines the penalties that will... More