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Email advice: How to spot email spam chain letter scams

Among the crucial pieces of email advice that any Internet user should know is how to spot email spam chain letter scams. Despite an enormously negative reputation and increasing filter vigilance across mainstream applications, these mass forwards still persist in trying to sucker gullible people... More

How to restart the print spooler in Windows Vista

The print spooler is the service that controls and coordinates the printing of documents from your computer. This service usually runs quietly with very few problems, but every now and then it can get hung up or frozen. Restarting the spooler service will usually get everything going again. This... More

How to print a supplies status page from an HP LaserJet M3035 MFP

Many HP printers can print a supplies status page, which shows you how much toner is left in the current cartridge, plus the life remaining for any maintenance parts. To print a supplies status page on an HP LaserJet M3035 MFP, follow the steps below. (These steps also apply to the LaserJet M4345... More

How to use social media for business marketing

Successful online marketing Years ago if a company wanted to roll out a new product it often meant costly advertising campaigns. These campaigns often included free samples sent by mail, television commercials and advertising in print media. Today, the Internet has changed much of this... More

How to sort a playlist on your iPod

You finally hold in your hands probably the best personal audio device on the market; an iPod. You have successfully downloaded to it every single audio track you wanted and you just can't stop listening again and again to your favorite playlists. But, there are times you desperately want to... More

How to convert measurements on a BlackBerry Tour

Not many people are able to convert miles to kilometers, Fahrenheit degrees to Celsius degrees, or gallons to liters in their head. Fortunately, if you have a BlackBerry Tour, you don't have to be able to, because the Tour's Calculator application can do it for you, and it only takes a... More

How to keep yourself and your computer safe while browsing the Internet

The Internet can be used for many great things, but at the same time there are many dangers and bad things out there that you must be careful to avoid. Here is how to keep yourself and your computer safe while browsing the Internet: >>> Keep Your Computer Protected <<< If you... More

How to get the page count for an Okifax 5300

The Okifax 5300 is a level-1 small fax machine. Like most fax machines, it can display the current page count. The page count is displayed on screen, rather than printed out on a configuration page like some fax machine models. To view the page count on an Okifax 5300, follow the steps... More

How to add columns to a Microsoft Word document

Column formatting is a click away Microsoft Word is part of the Microsoft Office Suite of software for home, business, and school. It is a word processor with many formatting options. The release of Microsoft Word 2007 completely changed the layout of the menu in the program, leaving many users... More

How to sort by month in Excel

Keeping track of the months January, February, March... A list of months in text format is not numbered, and it's not in alphabetical order, the two most common sorting options in Excel. Short of going through the list line by line and moving items yourself, how do you sort a list of months?... More