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How to create a chart in PowerPoint

Making graphs from numbers A set of numbers in a PowerPoint presentation can sometimes appear be a little uninspiring. But representing those same numbers pictorially as a chart, can quickly engage the interest of those watching or reading your presentation. Using the chart functions and ready... More

How to print a usage page on an HP Color LaserJet CM1312 MFP

Many HP printers display the printer's page count on the configuration page. However, on some multifunction printers (printers that also copy, scan, or fax) you have to print out a usage page to view the printer's current page counts. To print a usage page on a Color LaserJet CM1312 MFP, follow... More

How to ping from a BlackBerry Bold 9650

Pinging is the process of sending test packets from one device on a network to another device. If information is received back from the destination device, then you know the route between the two devices is good. Pinging is a good first troubleshooting step when attempting to diagnose network... More

How to request payments through PayPal

Reasons for requesting payments While many sites including Helium pay you via PayPal without you issuing any kind of invoice or payment request, there are times when you may need to request payments through PayPal on your own. This can include: Personal payments - If you are attending a function... More

How to hide a file or folder on a BlackBerry Tour

There are many reasons for hiding files and folders on your BlackBerry. Maybe you don't want your boss to see the new game you downloaded. Maybe there is a folder that you never use, and you want to get it out of the way without deleting it. Maybe you're just a secretive person. Whatever the... More

How to print a configuration report on a Xerox 4112

Like other Xerox copiers, the 4112 can create and print a configuration report that gives an overview of its current setup. This configuration report lists everything from ROM versions to Kerberos server settings, and it can be very useful for configuring the copier or for troubleshooting... More

How to print a configuration page on a Sharp MX-5001N copier

On the Sharp MX-5001N, like with other similar models, the configuration page that the machine can print out is actually two pages -- the system status report and the configuration report. The system status report gives a brief overview of the current network setup, while the configuration report... More

How to use SocialOomph reservoir queues with over 500 articles

Getting the most from SocialOomph It does not seem that it was that long ago when in order to handle more than a couple of hundred articles, you would need to create multiple Twitter accounts. Although there is still value in creating multiple accounts, you need not do this simply because you... More

How to print a configuration page from an HP LaserJet 4050 printer

  Like most HP printers, the LaserJet 4050 allows you to print out a configuration page which lists the printer's page count, serial number, security settings, and other information. The 4050's configuration page, unlike the configuration page from some other printers, also... More

How to start up Windows XP safe mode

How to start up Windows XP in safe mode. Occasionally it is advisable to start your computer in safe mode. This allows you to delete things which you cannot safely delete in normal mode. This helps a computer user to be sure they are doing nothing to damage their computer. Safe mode allows... More