How to add the activity indicator to the Firefox navigation toolbar

How to add the activity indicator to the Firefox navigation toolbar

Firefox has a status bar in the lower right corner of the browser window that shows how quickly a web page is loading, or whether it’s loading anything currently. But you can also add an activity indicator — dots that move around in a circle — to see at a glance when a web page has finished loading. To add this activity indicator to Firefox’s navigation toolbar, follow the steps below.


Step 1

Load Firefox

If you don’t already have a Firefox window open, load one now. Double click the Firefox icon on your desktop, or single click the link from your Start menu or Quick Launch bar.

Step 2

Make sure the navigation toolbar is visible

To modify the navigation toolbar, you’ll need to be able to see it. If you can see the navigation toolbar — it has the address bar, the back and forward buttons, the search bar, and the stop, refresh, and home icons — then you can skip to step #3. Otherwise, read on below.

On the menu bar, click on View and hover over Toolbars to bring up the list of available toolbars. Click on Navigation Toolbar to put a check mark next to it and make the navigation toolbar appear.

Step 3

Open the Customize Toolbar window

On the menu bar, click on View and hover over Toolbars again. This time, click on the Customize link.

The Customize Toolbar window will open, showing all of the icons you can add to the toolbars. Find the icon labeled Activity Indicator — it will be a series of dots arranged in a circle.

Step 4

Add the activity indicator

Click on the activity indicator icon and hold the mouse button down, then drag the icon up to the navigation toolbar, in between two of the icons or items currently on the toolbar. (A line will appear between the items to show where the new icon will go.) When you’ve found the place you want to insert the activity indicator, release the mouse button. The activity indicator should now appear on the toolbar. If it did not appear, you probably tried to place it somewhere it can’t go; drag it from the Customize Toolbar window and try to drop it on a different spot. Once you’ve added the activity indicator, click Done to close the Customize Toolbar window.

The activity indicator will animate whenever Firefox is loading a link or web page. The dots will move around the circle to indicate that Firefox is working, and when the new page is completely loaded, the dots will fade and remain still.

Things Needed
• A computer with Firefox installed on it

Tips & Warnings
• To remove the activity indicator at any time, simply open up the Customize Toolbar window again and drag the icon from the navigation bar back into the window.


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