How to Avoid Unwanted Internet Ads and Banners

Solve the Internet advertising problem

Everywhere users go on the Internet, they are bombarded with advertising. Pop-ups, pop-Firefox Installed

Step 2

Get Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is a free add-on for Firefox that allows you to be free of pesky advertising. You can get Adblock Plus from the Mozilla add-on Web site or by going to

Adblock Plus at Mozilla's add-on site

Step 3

Install Adblock Plus

Next, click the green "Add to Firefox" button to install the add-on. When the "Software Installation" window appears, click "Install Now."

When installation is complete, you will see the Firefox "Add-ons" window displayed, showing the Adblock Plus icon. Firefox will prompt you to restart Firefox. Click the "Restart Firefox" button to do this.

Step 4

Configure Adblock Plus

Firefox add-on installed

When Firefox restarts, you will see the Add-on window appear with a confirmation that your add-on has been installed. Close this window.


You will see that a Web page called "Add Adblock Plus filter subscription" is now loaded in your browser. These subscriptions are free lists that automatically update Adblock Plus with advertiser information. Most English users will be fine if they select the default list (EasyList). At the bottom-right corner of the page, click the "Add Subscription" button.

select Adblock Plus subscription

The subscription window automatically closes. You are now ready to use Adblock Plus. You will see a stop sign shaped icon at the top right corner of your browser reading "ABP". This is where you can disable Adblock Plus or change its options.

Adblock Plus configuration menu


Things Needed
✯ Mozilla Firefox browser
✯ Adblock Plus add-on for Firefox

Tips & Warnings
✯ If you find that Adblock Plus is blocking an ad you want to view, disable it. Click the ABP icon in the top right corner of your browser and uncheck the "Enable Adblock Plus" option.


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