How to change the background color in Microsoft Word 2007

How to change the background color in Microsoft Word 2007

Personalizing and highlighting text in color

Microsoft word documents have the potential to be more than black and white images on the computer screen. The software offers ways to make reading easier on the eyes, add highlighting for documents printed in color, and to add a personal touch to a text document.

Word 2007 offers at least three ways to add background color to text. The color graphics shown here will take into consideration all three to aid in your choices. Word 2007 is different from earlier versions of Word in that it has a tabbed menu rather than docked toolbars and a menu bar. For older versions of Word, I’ve included a video at the bottom of the middle column.


Step 1

Choose the color tool in Word 2007

Based on the end result desired, choose one of the three color options for adding background color:

  1. To color the whole document (see the blue color in the graphic above) choose the «Page Layout» tab. In the Page Background section is the «Page Color» button.
  2. To color only a specific paragraph (see the grey color in the graphic above), place the cursor anywhere in the paragraph to be highlighted and choose the «Home» tab. In the Paragraph section is a shading icon that looks like a bucket pouring paint.
  3. To highlight specific text (see the purple color in the graphic above), select the specific text and choose the «Home» tab. In the font section is a highlighter tool.
Step 2

Click the icon to open the menu

Now that you’ve decided which tool to use, click it!

Step 3

Choose the color to be used

Regardless of the color tool chosen, a color menu is now open. Click on one of the colors to use it.

If none of the colors are desirable, choose «More colors» to open the advanced color picker (not available for highlighting specific text). For the full page background color (but not paragraph color), Fill Effects, such as gradients, are also available in the main color menu.

The choice shown in the picture here is the Paragraph shading tool (choice #2).

Step 4

Optional — Highlight as you type

To add color to the background, i.e. highlight the text, as you type, use the highlighter tool (see picture to the right) in the font section of the «Home» tab (choice #3 in Step 1).

Things Needed
• Computer installed with Microsoft Office (or Microsoft Word alone)
• Text document

Tips & Warnings
• To change the color, follow the directions and simply choose a different one.
• To remove the color background, select the text to remove it from and choose «no color».
• Experiment to get the right look.


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