How to customize the bookmarks toolbar on the Firefox web browser

How to customize the bookmarks toolbar on the Firefox web browser

Add links to your favorite web sites to the top of your Firefox browser web page.

The bookmarks tool bar is a vertical strip on top of the Firefox web browser window. When the tool bar is active, you can drag and drop links to your frequently visited web sites. When the bookmark links are attached to the bookmark tool bar, you can edit the names of the links to suit you preferences. This how-to article covers Firefox for Windows. The process is nearly identical on a Mac.


Step 1

Open the Firefox web browser.

Making the link names shorter than what automatically shows up will save room to add more links on the tool bar. Edit the link name by doing the following:

  • Click on the Bookmarks/Show all book marks menu on the Firefox menu bar (Shortcut key: Control+Shift+B).
  • Select the Bookmarks Toolbar option on the right of the dialog window that opens.
  • Click on the new link you just added and edit the name box below to make the link shorter. (Shortcut: Right click on the link name you just added to the bookmarks toolbar. Left click on Properties. Then edit the link name according to your preferences.
Step 2

Add a link to the bookmarks toolbar.

Left click one of the open tabs and drag the tab to a spot on the on bookmarks toolbar area. A down arrow will appear indicating the spot where the link will be placed.

Things Needed
• Firefox 12.0 for Windows.
• Your favorite web sites open on the Firefox tab bar.
• The activated Firefox bookmark tool bar (See Step 1)

Tips & Warnings
• Bookmarks to web sites requiring passwords may not work reliably.
• Best bet is to bookmark the web page requiring the password.
• If you load up your bookmark tool bar with more web site links than it can display, the tool bar will display “>>” for access to the bookmarks that don’t fit.
• Once your favorite links are in place on the bookmarks toolbar, you can adjust their order on the toolbar by left-click dragging.


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