How to stop programs from loading at startup

Taking control

Wouldn’t it be nice if every time you turned on your computer, you were in control of the programs which started. The advantage is that start up can be made a lot less painful and quicker just by tweaking your startup programs. This guide walks you through the steps which lead to successful startup program selection and deletion, making your experience a personalized one which suits your use better than an invasive one. Turn off those messengers. Turn off those horribly slow loading extras, and enjoy the simplicity of computing in a more minimalistic manner, giving you back control of your computer.


Step 1

With a download.

Download CCleaner which is a free utility program allowing you the freedom of choice, as well as the ability to clean up junk. Open the program and press tools.

? Press startup.

? Scroll through and highlight the programs you wish to disable at startup.

? Press Disable.

Step 2

Using Windows XP tools.

Press start on your computer, followed by run. When the box appears in which to type, put the word msconfig. This will open up the tools to your computer system, and it’s never a good idea to touch areas you do not know enough about.

Step 3

Choosing the right section of the tool.

At the top of the tool, look out for the startup tag and press this.

Step 4

Choose the programs to disable.

Look at all the boxes which are ticked. These are programs which start when your computer first boots. Uncheck those which are not required. If in doubt, leave well alone, though most will be obvious and will include items such as messengers and installed programs where you forgot to tick the box on installation stopping the program from starting each time you start your computer.

Step 5

Asking the tool to confirm your choice.

When you have finished unticking the boxes and are happy with your choices, press Apply. You will be prompted through the process of turning off and rebooting your computer, to set the new settings in motion.

Step 6

To keep your startup clean.

Remember when you install new programs to ensure that you choose the option not to run as soon as the computer is turned on. If you are offered this option choose to untick the box. This will keep your startup relatively quick.

You will Need
• Computer turned on.
• Internet connection for download if this method is chosen.

Tips & Warnings
• You can reverse your actions by working the instructions in reverse, ticking boxes instead of unticking them.


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