How to turn on the spell checker in Firefox

How to turn on the spell checker in Firefox

Like most email programs and word processors, the Firefox web browser comes with a built-in spell checker. The spell checker is not turned on by default, but you can turn it on easily by following the steps below. (These instructions were written for Firefox v3.6, but other versions should be the same or similar.)


Step 1

Launch Firefox

If Firefox is not already running, open it now. Click on the Firefox icon on the Start menu or Quick Launch bar, or double click the Firefox icon on the desktop or in the folder where it is located.

Step 2

Open the Options window

On the menu bar across the top, click Tools. From the drop down menu that appears, select Options.

Step 3

Enable the spell checker

In the Options window, click Advanced in the upper right corner. On the tab bar in the window, click on General if it is not already the active tab. Under the Browsing section, click the box next to «Check my spelling as I type» so that a check mark appears there. Then click OK to save the change and close the window.

Things Needed
• A computer running Firefox

Tips & Warnings
• The Firefox spell checker doesn’t check everything that you type in. It won’t check usernames and passwords, or any text typed into a search engine, but it will spell check emails that you send from within the browser, as well as comments that you post on a blog or other site.


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