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How to freeze top row and first column in Excel

Microsoft Excel is capable of holding vast amounts of information on one sheet. However, the amount of data on display is somewhat limited by the size of your screen. Eventually, you may need to scroll down or across sheet in order to view more data. But scrolling through the spreadsheet... More

How to turn on the spell checker in Firefox

Like most email programs and word processors, the Firefox web browser comes with a built-in spell checker. The spell checker is not turned on by default, but you can turn it on easily by following the steps below. (These instructions were written for Firefox v3.6, but other versions should be the... More

How to change the background color in Microsoft Word 2007

Personalizing and highlighting text in color Microsoft word documents have the potential to be more than black and white images on the computer screen. The software offers ways to make reading easier on the eyes, add highlighting for documents printed in color, and to add a personal touch to a... More

How to make text superscript in Microsoft Word

Formatting text is easy with the Word toolbar Microsoft Word is the level-1 word processor in the Microsoft Office software suite. Like many other word processors, the program has basic formatting functionality. Word 2007 has a tabbed toolbar that includes the text toolbar, whereas older... More

How to restart the print spooler in Windows Vista

The print spooler is the service that controls and coordinates the printing of documents from your computer. This service usually runs quietly with very few problems, but every now and then it can get hung up or frozen. Restarting the spooler service will usually get everything going again. This... More

How to add columns to a Microsoft Word document

Column formatting is a click away Microsoft Word is part of the Microsoft Office Suite of software for home, business, and school. It is a word processor with many formatting options. The release of Microsoft Word 2007 completely changed the layout of the menu in the program, leaving many users... More

How to sort by month in Excel

Keeping track of the months January, February, March... A list of months in text format is not numbered, and it's not in alphabetical order, the two most common sorting options in Excel. Short of going through the list line by line and moving items yourself, how do you sort a list of months?... More

How to add line numbers to a Word 2007 document

Make long documents easier to edit Line numbers are required by some publishers to make the review process easier. They can also be helpful for long documents, poetry, and book design. Microsoft Word 2007 makes it easy to add line numbers to your document, and even to format the numbering... More

How to use Microsoft Office templates to save money

Just say no to over-priced greeting cards Custom greeting cards with personalized text and photos provide that appreciated extra touch. If saving money sounds good to you, combine your sense of style and creativity with templates in Microsoft Office 2007 software. You could be cranking out... More

How to change views in a Microsoft Access table

Change the look of the Microsoft Access table by sorting, hiding, or freezing columns Microsoft Access tables are similar to Excel spreadsheets, but require a bit more finesse to present the database contents in a flexible and useful way. With a right-mouse click, however, you can manipulate the... More