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How to install Symantec Antivirus

Which product is best for me? Before installing any antivirus software you may need to answer several questions first as your answers will decide the outcome. Do you suspect that your computer is infected by a virus? You have just purchased a new computer and you are not sure as to the best... More

How to update a wireless connection’s WEP key in Windows Vista

Many wireless networks, especially older ones, use WEP encryption to protect the network from intruders and strangers. Once you've set up a wireless connection in Windows Vista with a WEP key, you can automatically connect to that network without having to re-enter the key every time. But if the... More

How to create a bookmarks folder on the Firefox bookmarks toolbar

Add multiple links on your bookmarks toolbar to folder for storage and quick access to similar web sites This is the second of two how-to articles on customizing the Firefox bookmarks toolbar. The first article demonstrated how to add web links and customize the web link names. At some point it... More

How to format comment balloon text in Word 2007

The track changes tool in Microsoft Word is helpful for editors and multi-writer projects. Within this tool are comment balloons that can be left in the margins of the text for another person, or for personal notes. Changing the color of the balloons for various users is intuitive, as it is... More

How to enable SNMP in Windows XP

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is a level-1ized protocol that is used to monitor and control many network devices such as routers, printers, switches, and more. Windows XP is capable of using SNMP, but it may not be configured on your computer. To enable SNMP if it is not currently... More

How to clear the cache in Firefox

Clear the cache and free up space on the computer The Firefox web browser stores website information during normal internet surfing in its cache. This makes websites load faster on future visits. After a day of heavy browsing, the storage space used by the cache can become quite large. During... More

How to create a simple table in Microsoft Word 2007

Use formatting to better present information Tables are a simple way to present information by grouping ideas in columns and rows. Microsoft Word offers a simple table tool to make adding this format to documents easier. Though the tool was available in earlier releases, this how-to discusses... More

How to transpose a range of cells in Microsoft Excel

Transforming columns into rows and vice versa What do you do if you have data in a column in Microsoft Excel but really want it to be in a row? You may want to transpose your data, or transform it from a column into a row or vice versa, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it makes copying and... More

How to create your own music CD compilation using Roxio software

Sometimes listeners like different songs from different albums. These often touch on moods and if you could create an album to suit each mood, taking songs from one album and adding them to songs from other albums, you can create a perfect CD denoting that mood, so that what you listen to isn't... More

How to create a chart in PowerPoint

Making graphs from numbers A set of numbers in a PowerPoint presentation can sometimes appear be a little uninspiring. But representing those same numbers pictorially as a chart, can quickly engage the interest of those watching or reading your presentation. Using the chart functions and ready... More