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How to make Sims 2 run faster

  The Sims 2 builds on the already successful foundation of the original Sims games. The Sims 2 drops the player into a virtual world where there really isn't a main goal. The player can simply "live" one way or another, become anything from a freelance writer... More

How to make a vignette in Photoshop

An easy eye-catching effect to enhance your photos A vignette is an effect used to draw the eye to the area of interest in a photograph. It ‘frames’ the photo in a color by starting out transparent in the centre with the color gradually getting darker as it reaches the outer edges of... More

How to make business cards with Microsoft Word

Four easy steps to make your business cards Business cards are an important tool for promoting your business. Because you never know when you may come across a potential client, it's always a good idea to carry a few spare cards, especially when attending meetings or socializing. However, the... More

How to make your digital photos and images look slanted using GIMP

Add some depth to your creative genious Select "File", "Open" from the GIMP menu. View larger image Navigate to the folder on your computer where the photo or image is located. You can open it in two different ways: Double click on it - or Click to highlight it, then click the "Open" button at... More

How to clean your registry for free using CCleaner

The "registry" is the term Windows uses to refer to the giant mass of configuration files, lists of programs, and other information that it uses to run your computer and manage your settings. Over time, the registry can become cluttered with old programs that are no longer being used, or... More

How to update a wireless connection’s WEP key in Windows XP

Wireless networks use many different protocols for security and encryption. One of these protocols is WEP, which requires that any device connecting to a wireless network provides the correct WEP key. If a device does not have the correct key, it won't be able to connect. If you've changed your... More

How to change the search engine in the Firefox search bar

Adding new searches to the Firefox search box The Firefox web browser brought a number of innovations into common use. Many of these (use of tabs, level-1s-compliance, and add-ons) are well-known, but the search bar is one of the most interesting innovations. While it is frequently used, many... More

How to create a bar graph from an Excel spreadsheet

Using Excel to visualize your data Bar graphs are helpful for comparing simple data, answering questions such as: were earnings higher last year than the year before? Was the measurement at the first time more or less than the measurement the following 10 times? Are the number of birds I saw... More

How to delete individual cookies in Firefox

Get rid of specific cookies in Firefox to prevent internet tracking As you browse the internet with Firefox, websites will store bits of information about you on your hard drive. Known as cookies, they store your preferences on the website and are updated on return visits. Most are meant to make... More

How to quickly select a sentence or a paragraph in Microsoft Word

Short cuts to save time Writing and editing can take a lot of time. Fortunately, in this electronic age, using a word processor such as Microsoft Word can really help to speed up the whole process. Even better, Word has plenty of helpful shortcuts which can save you even more time, especially... More