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How to delete individual cookies in Firefox

Get rid of specific cookies in Firefox to prevent internet tracking As you browse the internet with Firefox, websites will store bits of information about you on your hard drive. Known as cookies, they store your preferences on the website and are updated on return visits. Most are meant to make... More

How to quickly select a sentence or a paragraph in Microsoft Word

Short cuts to save time Writing and editing can take a lot of time. Fortunately, in this electronic age, using a word processor such as Microsoft Word can really help to speed up the whole process. Even better, Word has plenty of helpful shortcuts which can save you even more time, especially... More

How to change the time on a Windows based computer system

How important is that online business meeting? Often minutes shown on your computer differ to those in other parts of the world by minutes. Those minutes could mean the difference between success and failure. The professionalism of a user may depend upon the clock on their computer. These... More

How to use cell ranges in Excel formulas

Using your data in equations Excel is not only a spreadsheet program, it is also a powerful calculator that allows the data you enter to be used within the same sheet or book. The program has roughly 300 formulas built in, allowing you to achieve simple sum calculations to complex amortization... More

How to convert a Document to PDF

Converting a document to a PDF has become easier Taking a document and converting it into a PDF file at one point may have seemed like a completely difficult task but now has gotten easier. Technology continues to evolve and it shows with this particular item in question. There are not that many... More

How to convert .docx to .doc files in Microsoft Word 2007

An easy method to make Word 2007 documents compatible Microsoft Word 2007 was introduced with many visible changes from earlier versions of Word. One unseen change was the default file extension that the program saves text documents with (.docx). This extension cannot be opened with older... More

How to insert a section break in Word 2007 and 2010

Insert section breaks with care. Section breaks are particularly useful when you are working with large Word documents that have several parts to them. For example, multi-part documents with several chapters are likely to require different headers and possibly footer footers. You may also want... More

How to burn a CD using Roxio Creator Classic

People pay a lot of money for CDs. It is no wonder they need backups. Often taking a backup of a CD is a wise idea if you know that your CD may receive rough treatment. For example, you may listen to music on the move, in a workshop environment or in the car, and those CDs can often be subjected... More

How to create Avatars for a website

Simple and quick image resizing for PC and Mac! Avatars identify users on websites, forums, and chat rooms. An avatar can be anything you want, within in the legal and moral bounds of the website that you are using it on. No matter the content, it has to look good, so that it gives you the best... More

How to make an InstantMovie with Premiere Elements 7

InstantMovies are a great way to get started in Premiere Elements Adobe Premiere Elements can be completely baffling to the first time user. Even a simple task like making an InstantMovie is a hurdle to the uninitiated, as there is no obvious way to change anything. If you're new to Premiere... More