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How to get rid of unwanted icons on your Windows XP desktop

Not everyone wants their desktop cluttered with icons. These little monsters creep onto the screen and many users don't understand how they get there, and accumulate a lot of them. The truth is that every time you install a program, that program can produce something called a shortcut, intended... More

How to change the font color in Microsoft Word

Easy text formatting for your document One of the most basic formatting options for a text document is the font. In Microsoft Word, not only can you choose the type of font, its size, and its placement on the page, but its color can also be personalized for the document. Even a single word or... More

How to track changes in Microsoft Excel 2007

Sharing changes in your spreadsheets Microsoft Excel 2007 has the added advantage of the track changes feature, which has previously been a work-sharing boon for Microsoft Word. Though it does not have the full functionality of the Word version, the Excel track changes feature allows cells that... More

How to enable the Quick Launch bar in Windows XP

The Windows XP Quick Launch bar is a convenient way to add one-click access to your most commonly-used programs and files. If the Quick Launch bar is not already enabled on your computer, you can add it to the taskbar by following the simple steps below. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Open... More

How to change a user’s password in Windows XP

For security's sake, it's a good idea to have a password for every user account on your computer. If you've set up a password and you want to change it (either for yourself or for someone else) you can do so easily in Windows XP, as long as you have the rights to do... More

How to sort a range of data in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is an extremely useful spreadsheet tool. From simple tasks like keeping track of guest lists to complex modelling to determine the financial viability of a project, Microsoft Excel can do it all. One of Excel's most sought-after functions is its ability to sort a range of... More

How to Use Your Computer’s Calculator

Basics of How-To Many people never get around to exploring their computer and seeing what is on offer. Apart from all the software, that you may install onto your computer over the years, there are a few basic tools that come ready and waiting when you purchase a new computer. One of these tools,... More

How to use GIMP’s Rectangle Select tool

The Rectangle Select tool is one of GIMP's, or any graphics software's, most commonly used tool. For those who are just starting to learn about this program, here are some useful functions of GIMP's Rectangle Select tool. GIMP is a freely-distributed imaging program comparable to... More

How to save a Word 2007 document in PDF format

Converting from text to ebook   The "save as" option of Microsoft Word allows a document to be saved in several formats, including PDF, the format used by Adobe Acrobat readers. Previous versions of words required conversion, but Word 2007 has many new features... More

How to sum a column or row of Excel cells

MS Excel 2007 spreadsheet Microsoft Excel 2007 is a powerful spreadsheet program, capable of performing extremely complicated calculations. However, if you're new to Excel, the many available functions can seem a bit daunting at first. If you just want to know how to sum a row or column of cells,... More