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How to create separate email storage files in Yahoo mail

Convenient and easy storage of emails Ever found your email box piled up with emails? Ever wondered how to find one easily? Yahoo! have the answer. Their sorting system is very easy to use, freeing up your inbox for those mails which you haven't yet answered. Follow the steps and create files for... More

How to sort Microsoft Access records using multiple criteria

A quick and powerful guide to organising your data the way you want it Filtering and sorting data quickly allows you to focus on key areas of data quickly and easily. Whilst sorting by one column is easy enough, more powerful multi-column searches requre a bit of extra consideration to ensure the... More

How to copy a DVD movie using DVD Shrink

Taking a back-up copy of a DVD couldn't be simpler. DVD Shrink is a program which is in itself complex although once you learn the step by step instructions for copying a DVD, it becomes second nature. The complexity lies in the number of possibilities the program offers a user to shrink a DVD... More

How to turn off automatic updates in Firefox

Firefox, by default, is set to automatically look for and download updates for itself. In some ways, the automatic update feature is nice. It saves you (the user) the hassle of manually downloading newer versions when they come out. But it can also be a hassle at times, because if a newer version... More

How to change Google Chrome’s download location

By default, when you choose to download a file using Google's Chrome web browser, the file is saved in a download folder. Many users don't know where this folder is without hunting for it. But you can change the location to have downloaded files saved to, and you can even force Chrome to prompt... More

How to edit formulas in the Microsoft Excel formula bar

Microsoft Excel is one of the most commonly used spreadsheet programs. It is a versatile tool, good for everything from keeping a set of accounts to organising a set of data to creating models. Entering data into a cell is easy - simply click on the cell and start typing. However, what if you... More

How to change your default printer in Windows Vista

The default printer in Windows Vista is the printer that is used when you don't specify a different printer. Any time you add a new printer to your computer, Windows will ask you if you want to make that printer your default printer. But you can change which printer is your default printer at any... More

How to add a command button to a Microsoft Access 2010 form

Add a button to a database form to improve user convenience and interface. • Add a command button to an MS Access 2010 form to do the following: (1) Open another database object (report, form, etc.), (2) Go elsewhere in the database, or (3) Execute a specific database command or macro.... More

How to make a circle graph with Excel

Visualizing the parts of a whole Circle graphs, also known as pie charts, are used to visualize data as percentages of the whole. Microsoft Excel offers a way to chart data by converting them into percentages relative to their sum. These charts can be used to show where funds went in a given... More

How to make text subscript in Microsoft Word

Formatting text is easy with the Word toolbar Microsoft Word is the word processor in the Microsoft Office software suite. The program has basic formatting functionality, including subscript and superscript. Word 2007 is slightly different from earlier version of Word; the docked text toolbar... More