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How to add a header to a Microsoft Word document

Easily add a header to all pages in your document Microsoft Word is word processing software in the Microsoft Office Suite of programs for home, business, and school.The most recent version of the software is Word 2007, which varies from previous releases mainly in the toolbar and menu tabbing.... More

How to set up a Facebook account for your business

Drive customers to your business Large and small businesses today know that having a Facebook account is level-1 business practice. With a Facebook account businesses can break down barriers to business and increase product presence. Setting up a Facebook account is very simple and easy. Once... More

How to view the network map in Windows Vista

One big improvement Windows Vista makes over Windows XP is the ability to graphically view your network and all of the computers and devices on it. This graphical representation is called the "network map," and you can use it to find computer names, IP addresses, and other... More

How to use TweetAdder for Twitter

Effective use of TweetAdder TweetAdder is perhaps one of the most cost effective options for automating your Twitter activities. It is not without pitfalls however, and some of them can have a serious impact on your activities. While the software is inexpensive (approximately $55 for a single... More

How to create a drop shadow in Photoshop

Add depth to your text, photo,or object by adding a drop shadow to it. Applying a drop shadow to text, a photo or an object will make it stand out from the background as well as give it a sense of depth. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Select the layer with the photo, object or text that you... More

How to enable DHCP in Windows Vista

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) allows any device on a TCP/IP network -- such as a computer, printer, or video game system -- to automatically request and obtain an IP address from the DHCP server. Using DHCP, you don't have to assign IP addresses to any device (unless you want it to... More

How to subtract cells in Excel

One-click notation in formulas Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program with built in formula functions. It's as easy as typing in an equal sign and using a basic operator to noting a complex function and a list of cells to which it should be applied. The most basic arithmetic functions can be... More

How to stop CCleaner from automatically checking for updates

CCleaner is a very handy program to have on your computer. It can clean your registry, wipe your hard drive, get rid of temporary files, and do much more. By default, CCleaner is configured to automatically check for updates. When it finds an update, it prompts you (the user) to download and... More

How to convert PDF files to Word documents using OCR

Simple OCR Solution Envisage this commonplace scenario where you have received a PDF document that you need to edit or extract some data from in a Word document and you are not in possession of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software. You can either decide to copy the PDF document by typing... More

How to run Internet Explorer with no add-ons

"Add-ons" are programs that work with Internet Explorer to add specific functions or abilities. You can install as many add-ons as your computer can handle, and different add-ons will suit different users' needs. Various types of add-ons can include toolbars, additional search engines, PDF (or... More