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How to run disk cleanup in Windows Vista

Disk Cleanup is a Windows utility that allows you to quickly and easily delete temporary files (and other files) so you can free up more space on your hard drive. These instructions are for running Disk Cleanup in Windows Vista. Running the program in Windows XP is very similar, but for exact... More

How to paste special in Microsoft Word

Advanced options for inserting information from another document "Paste special" is an advanced paste option in Microsoft Word that allows objects, tables, and other non-text items to be copied into a Word document while maintaing formatting and structure implicit to the specific item. This... More

How to insert autotext in Microsoft Word 2007

Quickly add commonly used text to your Word document Autotext may consist of something as simple as the date and your name or something as complex as quotations and previously written text. Microsoft Word 2007 offers personalized autotext features to build your own gallery, in addition to the... More

How to get your Windows based computer to boot faster

Have you ever experiencing being seated in front of your computer screen and becoming impatient with the process? It can indeed be frustrating, and may actually be something you can do something about. The start up of your computer depends upon a multitude of different things, though there is... More

How to display the bookmarks bar in Google Chrome

Like many web browsers, Google's Chrome browser has a bookmarks bar where you can add buttons for websites that you visit often. However, this bar may not be visible by default, so even if you add bookmarks to it, you won't be able to see or use them. To show the bookmarks bar, follow the steps... More

How to delete your web history in Firefox

Erase all your web browsing history in a few simple clicks As we surf the internet the Firefox web browser keeps track of everywhere we've been, what's been downloaded, and what's been searched. This makes it easier to easier to revisit websites in the future and to find downloaded files. To... More

How to delete cookies in Firefox

Get rid of the tracking cookies on your hard drive Depending upon your Firefox browser settings, websites may ask to store cookies on your computer's hard drive. A cookie is a small bit of information about you that is updated everytime the websites are visited. The websites can then build a... More

How to convert Microsoft Excel 2007 files to Adobe PDF

Creating PDFs using Microsoft Excel 2007 A Portable Document Format (PDF) is a versatile way of transporting and reading any electronic document regardless of the software used to create it. So for example, if you create a spreadsheet in Excel but you need to send it to someone without this... More

How to add a contact in Microsoft Outlook Express 07

Make life easier by entering all of your contacts into your Microsoft Outlook Express 07 address book.   Adding all of your contacts into your Outlook Express address book can save you time and frustration when you're needing to send an e-mail. It is a simple process that will... More

How to submit your iPhone app to the App Store

How to submit an iPhone app to the Apple App Store Creating apps for the App store can be difficult but submitting them to the App store can be an even more daunting task, especially when you are excited to get your first app out there. This is one of the easiest ways to submit an app. Apple... More