How to change the wallpaper on a Samsung Intensity

How to change the wallpaper on a Samsung Intensity

Like with many cell phones, you can change the wallpaper (the display background) on a Samsung Intensity either to a pre-loaded image, or to a picture that you’ve downloaded or taken with the phone’s camera. Setting a new wallpaper is easy, and it will help to personalize your phone.


Step 1

Go to the menu

Press the center of the phone’s directional pad to bring up the main menu. (You can also press Enter or OK on the keyboard, which will do the same thing.)

Step 2

Go to the Media Center

Press the center of the directional pad again (or Enter or OK) to choose option #5 from the main menu, the Media Center.

Step 3

Go to Pictures

Press 2, either on the keypad or the keyboard, to go to your Pictures section.

Step 4

Go to My Pictures

Press 2 again to bring up My Pictures, which will show all of the pictures saved on the phone in thumbnail format.

Step 5

Choose a picture

Scroll through the thumbnailed pictures using the directional pad (or L, N, M, and . on the keyboard) to find the picture that you want to set as your new wallpaper. When you’ve found the picture you want, use the arrow keys or directional pad to make sure it is the highlighted picture.

Step 6

Make it your new wallpaper

With the picture highlighted, press the upper right option button to bring up the Options menu. Press 2 for Set As, then 1 for Wallpaper. «Picture set as wallpaper» will be displayed, and you will be returned to the picture album.

Step 7

View your new wallpaper

Press End (or Clear four times) to exit out of the menu and return to the phone’s main screen, where you can see your new wallpaper and make sure you like it. If you don’t like it, repeat these steps to choose a new image.

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Things Needed
• Samsung Intensity SCH-U450 cell phone

Tips & Warnings
• All of the pictures you take with the phone’s camera, as well as the sample images included on your phone, are stored in the same album.
• Some images may be rotated or resized when you set them as your wallpaper, depending on their size and orientation.


    Frith  28.03.2016 00:57

    Step 6 automatically kicks out of the Option menu and reverts back to the default Verizon screen, which I have tried unsuccessfully to change. It’s aggravating. Note: The phone is not yet activated, as I had my old number on a Straight Talk plan and it hasn’t been converted over to the new data plan with Verizon yet, which should take a day to do. Right now, we are just trying to set the phone up with features we want. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to change the picture on the Home Screen? The background picture did change to the one we want for the Menu Screen, but when the phone is idle, it defaults back to the Verizon screen. Any suggestions to fix are welcomed. Thanks.

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