How to create a contact group on a Samsung Intensity cell phone

How to create a contact group on a Samsung Intensity cell phone

In addition to storing contacts in your cell phone, you can store contact groups. Contact groups allow you to conveniently send text messages, picture messages or voicemails to multiple contacts at once. Setting up a contact group on your Samsung Intensity (SCH-U450) is easy to do.


Step 1

Bring up the main menu

With your phone turned on and unlocked, press the center button on the directional pad (below where it says «MENU» on the screen). If you prefer to use the slide-out keyboard, you can press Enter or OK instead.

Step 2

Select «Contacts»

From the main menu, use the directional buttons to scroll to Contacts and press the center button to select it.

Step 3

Select Groups

Scroll down to Groups (option #4) and select it.

Step 4

Select New

Press the upper left option button (labeled «New» on the screen).

Step 5

Enter the group name

Type the desired name for your new group in the field provided. You can use any combination of letters and numbers, but no spaces or punctuation marks. Press the center directional button when you are finished, and your new group will be created.

Things Needed
• Your Samsung Intensity cell phone

Tips & Warnings
• You can add contacts to your group initially by viewing the group and selecting Add.
• To add or remove group members later, view the group and select Edit.


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