How to find the MAC address of your BlackBerry Bold 9650

A device’s MAC address can be useful when you are using MAC address filtering for your wireless network. Like computers, printers, and routers, smart phones that are capable of connecting to Wi-Fi networks have their own unique MAC address. You can find the MAC address for your BlackBerry Bold 9650 easily by following the steps below.


Step 1

Go into the Options screen

From the main screen, scroll down on the trackpad to bring up the Home folder with all of its icons. Scroll through the list until you come to the Options icon (with the wrench) and press the trackpad to select it.

Step 2

Go to device options

On the list of option categories, scroll down with the trackpad so that «Device» is the highlighted choice. Press the trackpad to select it.

Step 3

View the MAC address

Scroll down to «Device and Status Information» and press the trackpad to select it. From this screen you can see your BlackBerry’s MAC address (labeled «WLAN MAC»). Unlike the IP address, the MAC address will never change, so you can write it down or record it somewhere and never have to worry about updating it.

Things Needed
• BlackBerry Bold 9650

Tips & Warnings
• A MAC address consists of twelve characters — letters and numbers — broken up into pairs and separated by a colon.
• The MAC address will be displayed whether or not your BlackBerry is currently connected to a network.
• The MAC address is sometimes referred to as the hardware address, physical address, or Ethernet address.


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