How to hide a file or folder on a BlackBerry Tour

How to hide a file or folder on a BlackBerry Tour

There are many reasons for hiding files and folders on your BlackBerry. Maybe you don’t want your boss to see the new game you downloaded. Maybe there is a folder that you never use, and you want to get it out of the way without deleting it. Maybe you’re just a secretive person.

Whatever the reason, hiding a file or folder on a BlackBerry Tour is easy to do. There are some system folders and objects that can’t be hidden (such as the Options icon) but for anything else, follow the steps below to hide it from view.


Step 1

Go to the Home folder

From the main screen, no matter which layout you’re using, press the BlackBerry button (the one with seven dots, to the left of the trackball) to go to the Home folder (the main folder that contains all of the other folders).

Step 2

Select the folder or file you want to hide

If the object you want to hide is a folder, move the trackball over that folder so that it is highlighted. If you want to hide a file, open the folder that contains that file and move the trackball so that the file is highlighted.

Step 3

Hide it

Press the BlackBerry button to bring up the menu and scroll down to Hide. Press either the BlackBerry button or the trackball, and that folder or file will immediately be hidden from view. If you want to hide more items, follow the same process for each of them.

Things Needed
• A BlackBerry Tour

Tips & Warnings
• You can view hidden files or folders by choosing Show All on the same menu where you selected Hide.
• To stop hiding a file or folder, use the Show All option described above and then highlight the hidden object, press the BlackBerry button, and select Hide again to remove the check mark and make the file visible again.


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