How to remove the SIM card from a BlackBerry Bold 9650 smart phone

How to remove the SIM card from a BlackBerry Bold 9650 smart phone

Many mobile phones have removable SIM (subscriber identification module) cards that store information about the phone and its user. Sometimes, you may need to remove the SIM card from one phone and install it into another. Follow the directions below to remove the SIM card from a BlackBerry Bold 9650 smart phone.


Step 1

Turn the phone off

If the phone isn’t already powered off, turn it off by holding down the End button (the button with the red phone and power symbols on it) until the «Turning Device Off» message appears and disappears. After a few seconds the phone should completely shut off.

Step 2

Remove the rear cover

Turn the phone over so you’re looking at the back side. The rear cover can be removed by slipping your fingernail (or a small knife or screwdriver) underneath the silver tab toward the bottom of the cover and pushing it upward, toward the top of the phone, to release it. With the tab pushed in, you can pull the cover away from the phone, exposing the battery and SIM card.

Step 3

Remove the battery

The battery must be removed before the SIM card. To remove the battery, grasp it on either side, where there are slight indentations in the phone casing, and pull the battery outward. If you are having trouble removing it, slide a knife blade or flathead screwdriver in between the phone and battery and gently pry the battery out, from the top side. It will hinge out from the bottom, and then you can remove the battery.

Step 4

Remove the SIM card

With the battery out, you can now remove the SIM card (located below the battery, on the left side as you’re looking at it). Simply slide the SIM card upward, into the now-vacated battery cavity, until it slides free, then remove it.

Things Needed
• BlackBerry Bold 9650

Tips & Warnings
• Be careful not to lose the SIM card when you take it out. Your phone will not work right without it.
• Before removing the SIM card and battery, note how each one is positioned so that you can reinstall them correctly.


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