How to set the convenience keys on a BlackBerry Bold 9650

How to set the convenience keys on a BlackBerry Bold 9650

Like its predecessor the BlackBerry Tour, the BlackBerry Bold 9650 has two convenience keys, one on each side of the phone. These convenience keys can be set to open specific programs that you use frequently, for fast one-click access. You can change the applications associated with these two convenience keys at any time by following the steps below.


Step 1

Go into Setup

From the main screen on your BlackBerry, press the Menu button to open the context menu, then select Open Tray by scrolling to it (if it’s not the first option) and pressing the trackpad when it’s highlighted. When the Home folder with all of its icons appears, scroll down to the Setup icon (it looks like a BlackBerry with a little green gear next to it) and press the trackpad.

Step 2

Open the convenience key menu

In the Setup screen, scroll down to the Personalization section and locate the option for Convenience Key. With this option highlighted, press the trackpad.

Step 3

Change the convenience key

On the Convenience Key screen, there is an option to change each of the two keys. Scroll down so that the key you want to change is highlighted, then hold down the left alt button to bring up the list of choices. While holding down the alt button, scroll up or down through the list until you locate the application or function that you want to assign to that convenience key. Once that choice is highlighted, release the alt button. To change the other convenience key, highlight the current setting for that key and then follow the same process described above.

Step 4

Save the change

Press the Back button to exit out of the Convenience Key screen when you are done making changes. A box will pop up asking if you want to save your changes; with Save highlighted, press the trackpad.

Things Needed
• BlackBerry Bold 9650

Tips & Warnings
• If you use your BlackBerry as a flashlight often, you can set one of the convenience keys to open the Video Camera. That way you only have to press the convenience key and then the space bar to turn the flashlight on.


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