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How to create a contact group on a Samsung Intensity cell phone

In addition to storing contacts in your cell phone, you can store contact groups. Contact groups allow you to conveniently send text messages, picture messages or voicemails to multiple contacts at once. Setting up a contact group on your Samsung Intensity (SCH-U450) is easy to... More

How to set the convenience keys on a BlackBerry Bold 9650

Like its predecessor the BlackBerry Tour, the BlackBerry Bold 9650 has two convenience keys, one on each side of the phone. These convenience keys can be set to open specific programs that you use frequently, for fast one-click access. You can change the applications associated with these two... More

How to uninstall apps on a Motorola Droid

With the Android Marketplace, you can download apps left and right to your Droid. Some of these apps you probably won't want to keep, either because they don't work right or just because you don't want them anymore. Fortunately, it's easy to delete apps from your Droid -- just follow the steps... More

How to find your Droid’s Bluetooth address

Bluetooth devices use identifiers called Bluetooth addresses to tell other Bluetooth devices what they are. Your phone's Bluetooth address is unique from other Bluetooth addresses. If you want to see what your Droid's Bluetooth address is, follow the steps below. [donate]Instructions Step... More

How to clear the DNS cache on a BlackBerry Tour

The DNS cache is a stored archive of domain names and website names and their corresponding IP addresses. DNS converts between the two, and it saves a record of what names match up with which IP addresses for reference later. This cache is helpful in reducing load times when you visit a web page... More

How to see how much memory is available on your Samsung SCH U550 cell phone

Just like a computer, your Samsung SCH U550 cell phone (and other cell phones) has its own memory that it uses to store files such as pictures, reminders, phone numbers, and configuration settings. Depending on how many files you've downloaded onto your phone, you may have a lot of free memory... More

How to add an email widget to your Droid Razr Maxx’s home screen

If you have an email account set up on your Droid Razr Maxx, you can add an email widget to your home screen that lets you preview your inbox (or another folder of your choice). From this widget you can scroll through your emails, compose a new email, or open a specific email. To add the email... More

How to delete cookies on a Droid Razr Maxx

Cookies are small files that websites and apps store on your phone to identify you. Web browsers typically allow cookies to be stored on your computer or smart phone by default, but you have the option of disabling cookies and deleting the ones that are already stored. To delete cookies stored by... More

How to stop saving sent text messages on a Samsung Intensity

Like most cell phones, the Samsung Intensity (SCH-U450) can save your sent text messages so you can refer back to them later, or resend them if they didn't go through. However, if your phone is approaching its maximum memory capacity (which can easily happen if you store pictures on it) you may... More

How to enable memory cleaning on a BlackBerry Tour

Security is an ever-present concern with business networks and company computers. Smart phones especially pose a security risk, as they can easily be lost or stolen. To minimize the threat of sensitive data being compromised, BlackBerry allows for a memory cleaning utility to wipe many areas of... More