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How to find your Droid’s MAC address

Just like computers and other devices that connect to an Ethernet network, your Motorola Droid smart phone uses a MAC address to identify itself. This MAC address is unique to each Droid, and you can find yours easily by following the steps below. [donate]Instructions ... More

How to recycle your used cell phone

Eco-friendly solution to getting rid of your old cell phone The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that there are 500 million old and unused cell phones sitting in people's homes, desks, and cars. Each year, 130 million such handheld electronic devices are thrown into the garbage, but... More

How to get free Christmas music for your BlackBerry Tour

With Christmas right around the corner, it's time to get into the holiday spirit. Some radio stations play holiday music all day long from Thanksgiving to Christmas, and many department stores and retailers do as well, but if you want even more Christmas music, you can download it for free on... More

How to use different colors and font styles when sending a text message on a Samsung Intensity

If you have a Samsung Intensity cell phone and you want to add color or different font styles to your text messages, you can do it by using the Edit Text Format feature. This feature allows you to change the text color and background color, as well as make the text bold, italic, underlined, or... More

How to reset a Mytouch 3G

The Mytouch 3G is one of the most popular and inventive smartphones on the market. Nevertheless, as with any other device, you may encounter some serious issues regarding its functionality and overall performance. Resetting your MyTouch can help you with problems such as applications that no... More

How to remove the battery from a Motorola Razr cell phone

Sometimes a cell phone needs to have its battery removed to give it a sort of "refresh," especially if it freezes up or starts acting weird. By removing the battery, waiting a few seconds, then putting it back in and turning the phone on, you can reboot your Razr and hopefully fix whatever... More

How to enable compression on a BlackBerry Tour

Compression allows files to be stored more compactly, so that they take up less space. Some files can be compressed more than other files, but in general compression is an effective way to save a bit of storage space. Your BlackBerry Tour may already be using file compression; if it's not, you... More

How to delete cookies from your Motorola Droid

Cookies are small files of data that are stored on your computer, smart phone, or other device. They tell a website certain pieces of information about you, the user. Sometimes cookies can be intrusive or unwanted (such as tracking cookies) but other times they store information that helps a... More

How to clear the browser history on an Android phone

Just like conventional computer web browsers, the browser on your Android phone stores data about what you've looked up. It saves your history, cookies, searches, and sometimes even location data. To clear the browser history from your smart phone, follow the steps... More

How to clear browser history on a BlackBerry Tour

Just like computer-based web browsers, the BlackBerry Browser stores your web history. If you don't want other people seeing what web sites you've been to -- for whatever reason -- you can delete that history. To clear the browser history on a BlackBerry Tour, follow the steps... More