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How to disable the camera flash on a BlackBerry Tour

By default, the camera that is built into the BlackBerry Tour is set to determine whether a flash is needed when taking a picture, and use it if necessary. However, the BlackBerry's decision may be different from your decision, so you can manually override the flash by temporarily disabling it.... More

How to view your MAC address on a Droid Razr Maxx

Some networks use MAC address filtering as one layer of network security. To join a network that uses MAC filtering, you'll need to know your device's MAC address. On a Droid Razr Maxx smart phone, you can find your MAC address easily by following the steps... More

How to change the Bluetooth name on a Motorola Droid

All Bluetooth devices use identifiers to differentiate themselves from other Bluetooth devices. One such identifier is the Bluetooth address, which looks a lot like a computer's MAC address; another identifier is the Bluetooth device name. The Bluetooth name is mainly used to identify the device... More

How to set up emergency contacts on a Samsung Intensity

Your cell phone can tell a first responder or bystander who to call in the event of an emergency With mobile phones being so prevalent these days, most cell phones come with a built-in emergency contact list, called ICE (In Case of Emergency). If anything unfortunate should happen to you and a... More

How to create a signature for text messages on a Samsung Intensity

Just about everyone with an email account knows that you can create an email signature that will automatically attach to the end of your emails. Signatures are handy because they save you from typing the same information every time you send an email (such as your return email address, website... More